A collection of nourishing bath and body products for everyday soothing care. Luxurious bath and shower gels with a relaxing effect for soft, clean skin. Try also the nourishing and soothing body milk and body oil for an extra moisture boost. 

Read More TYRO Body Peeling

TYRO Body Peeling

B5 TY4120 150 ml
Read More TYRO Lavender Bath & Shower

TYRO Lavender Bath & Shower

B3 TY4102 250 ml
Read More TYRO Rosemary Bath & Shower

TYRO Rosemary Bath & Shower

B2 TY4101 250 ml
Read More TYRO Body Oil E

TYRO Body Oil E

B6 TY4110 250 ml
Read More TYRO Calendula Body Milk

TYRO Calendula Body Milk

B4 TY4105 250 ml
Read More TYRO Hypericum Bath & Shower

TYRO Hypericum Bath & Shower

B1 TY4100 250 ml