Skin type description


Make-up Removers
Skin typeAll skin types
Cleansing Gels
Skin typeMature skin, Normal skin
Skin typeNormal skin, Mature skin
Cleansing Milk
Skin typeDry skin, Sensitive skin, Normal skin
Cleansing Milk
Skin typeNormal skin, Sensitive skin, Dry skin
Skin typeDry skin, Normal skin, Sensitive skin
Skin typeSensitive skin, Normal skin, Dry skin
Cleansing Milk
Skin typeMature skin, Combination skin, Normal skin

TYRO presents a range of mild, effective products for the daily cleansing of the face. Silky formulas provide a sense of luxury and relaxation, removing makeup and impurities in an instant. After use the skin feels clean, fresh and soft and is perfectly prepared for the next step in the daily skin care routine.