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Starting date: 25th of May, 2018

This is the privacy and cookie policy of Special Cosmetics B.V., the owner of Special Cosmetics B.V. is the responsible party for the processing of personal data collected through the website by means of, among other things, cookies.

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We take the privacy of personal data very seriously. All personal data is solely processed for the purposed as described in and conform to the GDPR legislation.
(General Data Protection Regulation)

How do we use your information

Your data is used to process your order and to deliver it to an address of your choosing.

Managing your account

You can create your own account on our Website. In this account we store, among other things, your name, (delivery- and billing) address, phone number and your email address.

Direct marketing en newsletters

We can use your data for direct marketing purposes to send you information regarding offers or commercial information through email or direct mail. You can sign up for our newsletter that is delivered by email or direct mail. In this manner you can stay up to date on special offers and our new products and services. When you no longer appreciate receiving our commercial information like our newsletter, you can always let us know by getting in touch to sign off. Is it regarding our commercial emails, then click the sign off link that you can find at the bottom of the email.

Reviews and comments

We love hearing about your experience with our Website and of course our products. In case you give us a review, for example through Social Media we can use such a review (or part of it) for any purpose, with your understanding that we won’t use your review with your name or other personal information. Solely with your prior and explicit consent shall we use your review (or part of it) alongside your name (or other personal information) that you have provided us with.

Promotional actions and competitions

If you partake in a promotional action or competition, we ask you for your name, address, phone number and email address and it could be that you share other material such as your pictures. With this information we can perform the promotional action or competition, let the prize winner(s) know that they have won and through our Website, newsletter and/or Social Media, announce the winner(s).

Transfer to third party

We never hand over information to third parties with whom we haven’t established an agreement on how the data is to be processed and used. With these parties we of course make the necessary agreements to ensure the safety of your personal information. We only make your information available to parties with whom we have established an agreement as described above. This happens solely for purposes as described in this Policy or purposes that are compatible with those described. Our employees and the relevant third parties are obligated to observe the confidentiality of this Policy.

We use third parties for:

•           The attending to the internet environment of Special Cosmetics B.V.;

•           The attending to (financial) administration;

•           The attending to newsletters and invites.

•           The delivery of orders


What are cookies

Cookies are useful techniques and scripts that website use to be more user friendly and to present information tailored to the user specifically. Cookies are used by the website owner him- or herself, but possibly also by third parties / advertisers like for example social media channels (e.g. YouTube or Facebook) if for example a YouTube video is placed within the website.

Why cookies

With cookies we can greatly improve the user experience of the website. For example you don't have to fill in the same information every time, you stay logged in and the website can remember which products/pages you have looked at so they can be more easily found next time. We also use statistical cookies to be able to analyse where the website could be improved or altered.

Which data collect cookies

The usage of cookies is safe. Cookies cannot store personal data such as name, address, phone-number or email address. Though the following data are, among others, collected through cookies:

-       Your IP address and which browser you use (E.g. Firefox, Chrome or IE)

-       Which system/screen you use for optimal presentation of the webshop

-       Your recently watched products and items in the Shopping Basket.

-       Transferring info from one page to another.

Statistical cookies

Special Cosmetics B.V. uses statistical cookies via (among others) Google Analytics. With this we can improve the website and your user experience. We like to know how many visitors our website has and what information is looked at the most. The information of Google Analytics is used anonymously as much as possible. For more information we refer to the privacy policy of Google.

Via these cookies/scripts we collect the following data:

-       How long users stay on our pages for

-       Which pages are viewed the most

-       Through which manner visitors arrive on our website (e.g. Google)

-       Which device is being used (e.g. iPad, iPhone or PC)

Cookies for advertisements
At the moment Special Cosmetics B.V. doesn’t use cookies for advertising purposes. It may be however that third parties on our website (like YouTube) do use cookies to collect information in order to adapt advertisements to your personal wishes.

Other cookies

Our website may contain media files from websites of thirds parties like for example By playing these files cookies can be placed by these third parties. Furthermore we offer the option to share certain information through social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. By using these functionalities cookies may be placed on your computer by third parties to track what information has been shared. For more information on the processing of data by these social platforms we refer to the privacy policy of the relevant social platform.

Deleting cookies

Were you to not want to install cookies, then you can turn this off in your browser. Consult the settings in your browser for this: 

Internet Explorer

Attention! If your turn of these cookies in your browser, you won’t always be able to use all the functionality of our website. It could therefore happen that the experience of the site disappoints or that you will see certain advertisements that don’t directly conform to your personal needs more often.

Processed information

Special Cosmetics B.V. distinguishes between actively and passively provided information. Passively provided information is information that you provide to the website administrators without knowing in per see. When you visit this website for example, we register several technical information such as the IP address of your computer, the operating system that you use, the internet browser with which you are surfing, the browsed products/pages and possibly the left behind products in the shopping cart.

Furthermore we process information that you actively provided us with such as for example your name, address and email address when you make an account, fill in a contact form or place an order.

Purpose of processed information

De information which we receive passively through (among other things) cookies is used anonymously by Special Cosmetics B.V. as much as possible. We do this to:

1: Improve the functionality of the webshop for you

2: Improve the safety and user friendliness

3: Align products and offers to your interests as much as possible

The information that we receive actively (thus provided by you) is stored in a secured database of the webshop. By leaving your information you agree with the privacy policy as described here. We handle your information carefully and confidentially.

The safety of your personal information

Your information is encrypted and sent through a secure https environment. This guarantees that in the transfer of data from your PC to our servers the information is not visible to third parties.

Furthermore our webshops and systems are actively maintained/updated and conform to the most recent requirements secured to protect your personal information from loss, or any other form of unlawful manipulation.

Your rights (inspection, correction and opposition)

On ground of the Law protection of personal information you can request from us the option to inspect your personal information. Besides inspection you may also request from us that your personal information is improved or supplemented in case you noticed mistakes or if you wish to do so for other reasons. The same goes for a request to delete or portion off your information in case it is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, or in any other manner processed in a manner that is in conflict with legal requirement. If you wish insight into the personal information Special Cosmetics B.V. has recorded of you or if you want to amend information because it is incorrect or incomplete, or want to have it deleted or portioned off, you can contact Special Cosmetics B.V. by email via Special Cosmetics B.V. will inform you within four weeks what personal information she processes regarding you and in case of a request for deletion, portioning off or improvement if she can and will fulfil your request.

Applicable law and disputes

This Privacy- and Cookie policy and your usage of our Website is managed and explained in accordance with Dutch law. Any dispute that possibly arises with regard to this Privacy- and Cookie policy and our services shall solely by presented to the qualified judge of the Court of Amsterdam.

Changes and questions

Our Privacy- and Cookie policy can be altered from time to time. We shall put every amended version on this page, so that you can always stay up to date to the information we collect, the way in which we use and protect this information and the circumstances under which we provide your information to third parties and/or make it public.