NCPi® Smart Skin Systeem

NCPi® Smart Skin System
The creation of an intelligent skin

TYRO is the only skincare brand which offers the NCPi® Smart Skin System, a revolutionary development in skincare. The NCPi® Smart Skin System is a unique combination of state of the art Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals and Phytoceuticals, which create a system of iQeuticals®. These iQeuticals® enable the skin to renew, protect, reinvent and maintain itself.


A healthy and varied diet is essential for growth, the recovery and optimal performance of the body and the skin. The skin reflects inner health and vice versa. Following a healthy and varied diet demands a certain amount of discipline. Sometimes our busy lives get in the way and we lack the time for the preparation of a healthy meal. Furthermore, eating healthy and varied does not guarantee we consume exactly the right amount of nutrients on a daily basis. It turns out 95% of people do not consume enough nutrients. Together with a team of distinguished scientists TYRO developed a number of unique dietary supplements with ultra concentrated, essential nutrients, which optimally enhance and supplement your daily diet. Innovative dietary supplements to optimally improve the condition of the skin from the inside-out.


are scientifically developed products, with biologically active ingredients, which have a proven beneficial effect on the skin. These active ingredients not only help improve the skin’s appearance, but also influence regenerating processes in the deeper layers of the skin. Here they help to protect the stem cells in the skin and optimalise the condition of the cell environment. Intelligent combinations of top quality materials, inspired by nature and with scientifically proven ingredients for visible results.


are high-quality components from plant and fruit extracts with a beneficial effect on the skin. Phytoceuticals are substances which, for example, give plants their colour or smell. The Phytoceuticals in the new TYRO formulations are scientifically proven bioactive components. They allow for advanced protection and correction of the skin by combating free radicals and stimulating processes which regenerate and protect the skin. To bring out the best in you and reveal a healthy, radiant and perfect complexion.


TYRO brings state of the art Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals and Phytoceuticals together in a cutting edge Smart Skin System. A synergistic inside-out and outside-in skincare system, which stimulates skin regenerating and renewing processes, and in addition enables the skin to protect itself against damaging effects. Not only on the surface, but even at the level of deeper layers of epidermis and the papillary dermis (skin layer underneath the epidermis). The unique synergy of the advanced ingredients in the TYRO formulations, which support the skin from both the inside as well as the outside, creates an optimal environment for the skin cells, which stimulates the self-learning ability of the skin: skin reinvents itself.

“Create an intelligent skin.
Create a perfect skin.”