Night Eye Balm

Night Eye Balm
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Content15 ml Skin type descriptionSuitable for dry, dehydrated skin
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Rich balm for the delicate skin around the eyes, Contains pure beeswax and natural oils to help strengthen the natural moisture barrier of the skin, Helps to optimise the moisture balance of the skin,Suitable for all skin types,

Use this product after thoroughly cleaning the skin with, for example, TYRO Trisome, and not in combination with contact lenses. Take a very small amount of product and massage it carefully over the eye contour. If used after surgery, this product may be applied 4 days after removing the sutures. In addition for the rest of the face we recommend a generous nourishing product, for example the TYRO Truffle Delight Night Cream.

  • This is one of the first products that Dr. Molenaar has developed for TYRO
  • An absolute bestseller within the TYRO assortment
  • Very creamy texture, a real balm
  • Suitable for small scars
  • Restores moisture loss and gives immediate smoothness to the skin
Active ingredients:
Carrot extract, provitamin A, vitamin E, soybean oil
Anti wrinkle:
15 ml
Skin type:
  • Dry skin
  • Mature skin
Very suitable as a post-operative product after eyelid corrections or small scars
Skin type description:
Suitable for dry, dehydrated skin