TLE Cream

TLE Cream
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Content50 ml Skin type descriptionAll skin types
This iconic SOS cream is multifunctional. A bestseller for many years now More info
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Cream to support the recovery of the skin. Helps to restore the natural barrier function of the skin. Keeps skin tissue soft and supple. For beautiful, smooth skin. Suitable for all skin types.
Always make sure your skin is well cleansed by using a TYRO cleanser adapted to your skin type. For example, the TYRO Intensive Cleansing Cream, which also has a slightly antibacterial effect. Take a small amount of product and massage it extensively into the skin area to be treated. This may be repeated as often as needed.
  • This product is one of the first products that Dr. Molenaar has developed for TYRO!
  • This cream has been a bestseller within the TYRO range for years
  • Multi-applicable to scars, irritations after shaving and fiery acne
  • Soothes the skin in an intense way
Active ingredients:
Tocopheryl acetate
50 ml
Skin type:
  • Combination skin
  • Impure skin
  • Sensitive skin
Very suitable for post-operative treatment of scars and burns
Skin type description:
All skin types