Perfect Skin Peeling

Perfect Skin Peeling
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Content50 ml Skin type descriptionSuitable for all skin types, except for very sensitive skin or rosacea
Glycol peeling for optimal and fast effect, the ideal preparation for your skin care routine More info
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Peeling with 4% Glycol Acid and Lactid Acid. Activates, exfoliates and smoothes the skin. Both Glycolic Acid and Lactid Acid have the property that they exfoliate the skin and protect the moisture balance. The skin is bled through which the dead skin cells are released and the epidermis renews itself.
Make sure that the skin has first been thoroughly cleansed with, for example, the TYRO Trisome or the TYRO Top Cleansing Gel. Take a generous amount of Perfect Skin Peeling and spread it over the skin, avoiding the eye contour. This product does not need to be massaged in, the Glycolic Acid does the work itself. The skin may start tingling, may cause some redness. This is all normal, the skin is activated! As soon as the skin is evenly red or 2-3 minutes have passed, the product can be removed with lukewarm washcloths. We advise to end this mini-home treatment with a moisture serum, the TYRO Time Control is the best advice. Then a moisturizing care product, for example the TYRO Daycream E Plus. For the eye contour we recommend the TYRO 24 Hour Eye Treatment. Finally, the TYRO Prep & Protect SPF30 is essential against the sun; this universal sunscreen can be applied over any product.

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Active ingredients:
4% Glycolic acid, lactic acid, papaya, allantoin, pineapple
50 ml
Skin type:
  • Combination skin
  • Dry skin
  • Mature skin
use a moisturizing serum and mask for optimal results
Skin type description:
Suitable for all skin types, except for very sensitive skin or rosacea